40 Days of My Body: Day 16, Bare Minimum

October 5, 2009

in 40 Days

girlarmsfold.a4gpaI’m on a quest to spend 40 days working on my body, in service to my business and my own path of finishing what I start. I am committed to exercising 6 days/week, keeping a food journal and being more aware of ways I use (and abuse) my body. Going public is extreme, yes, and it’s working for me and the 17 folks have joined the quest!

Okay, Sheila, you were right, weekends can be tough, tempting and lead to backsliding! In the last two days, I have worked less and socialized more. I ate more and focused less. I ran around as if running errands and making myself busy might save a life. And I gave myself less time to recuperate and regroup. The results of my madcap weekend are that I have a food hangover, am not ready for my week and and feeling more than a smidge of disappointment. UGH! Here’s what I’m going to do about it: NOT MUCH.

Now, don’t go into intervention mode. You haven’t lost me. I am still your favorite overachieving freak, however, I’m going for the bare minimum in response to my seemingly slippery slope. Here’s my strategy. If doing a bunch of stuff in a short period of time led me to feel bad about myself, overstuffed and underfoxy, then what will doing only what is necessary today feel like? Here’s my bare minimum:

  1. made lunch and prep supper food this morning;
  2. did the most efficient interval workout possible–no dilly dallying, no slow ramp up, minimal cool down, stretches (10 high HR minute intervals, 10, 2 minute recovery intervals);
  3. will open up at least 20 minutes of “the next client-only” time before each session;
  4. arrive for student office hours on time, not 15 minutes early; and
  5. the money shot: turn off my computer at 730p. (I’m a little nauseated by this one.)

What’s your bare minimum? Would it help you move forward today?

I am not alone in my quest. The roll call is at 17 people (including me)! Some are getting organized, others giving up fast food and some are simply breathing!
Tanya Geisler–40 days of hatha yoga
Petra Korn–on her body
Tia Reddy–yoga and exercise
Alisa Bonsignore–working out and food conscious
Suzie Powanda–no fast food or beverages
Julie Rorrer–training for the Austin marathon in Spring
Emma Alvarez Gibson–some bit of exercise, every day
Joyce Black–21 days without caffeine/general detox
Carabunga is rocking 40 days of hardcore productivity and wrote:
Quests, disasters, and other big events don’t wait for you to be in your perfection. In her 40-day post yesterday.
Paula Trucks-Pape and her husband: 87 Days of exploring their passions
Monica Kingsbury: 30 days of the Candida diet to deal with her sweet tooth
Jack and LisaMarie Rowell: 30 days of extreme health (alkaline diet) (starting 10/15/09)
Diane Sherry Case: 3 weeks of walking
Cindy Morefield: 21 Days of 30 mins/day of cardio exercise
Paula Estes: 30 Days of playing drums

What is your bare minimum and what are you doing for YOU today? Tell me in the comments below.

Photo by a4gpa. Used with permission under a Creative Commons license.

  • writerathart

    Dyana, I am joining the club and for 21 days am having no sugar! There I said it, and here goes nothing (or everything, depending on how you look at it).

  • Kerrie

    My bare minimum was arranging things to go back to work today — 11am-3pm only. It was the best decision & actually went better than I thought. Tonight I'm teaching EDHH405 — giving the kiddos a quiz and providing information on Depth of Knowledge. Starting to feel like me again…

  • Carabunga

    This inspired my day–and my post today! 🙂

  • dyanavalentine

    Way to rock it, Cara–kick booty on OChem tomorrow and yes to saying NO. Kerrie: thank you for reminding us to take it easy on re-entry. Glad you are feeling yourself. Sheila: YAHOOO! So excited you are jumping in. Let us know where to follow the story–will link to your site.

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