How-To: Get a Project GOING!

May 27, 2009

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Last week, I had the pleasure of recording a tele-seminar with Dallas Travers and her Thriving Artist Circle. Five brave volunteers completed a Project Assessment, detailing what project they were working on and what help they needed. We then worked with them to help them combine their personal strengths with their struggles to come up with unique project solutions to move them forward. This one hour recording gives you a great example of how I help self-starters learn to be self-finishers. Remember: if you focus on even ONE of the 5-steps to self-finishing, you WILL make progress!
1.     Start where you are: be nice to yourself! Just because you aren’t an expert now, trust that you’ll get there.

2.    Accept invitations: even unlikely ones.

3.    Ask for feedback: be clear about what you need and when.

4.    Focus on what DOES work: be positive and be brave enough to re-evaluate your goals.

5.    Make a small decision and TRY it: nothing is permanent, you can always try something else.

6.    GET ACCOUNTABLE: when you are in the moment of choosing to watch tv on; call a friend and be SPECIFIC about what you are doing—endcap it with a call to report what you did accomplish. Here’s an Accountability Check In Sheet to help you start your own accountability process.

Dallas and I invite you to download and listen to the tele-seminar:  Dallas Travers & Dyana Valentine: Finish What You Start! (you may wish to complete the Project Assessment first), and enjoy the process. Write your questions, suggestions and ideas in the comments. Let me know how I can help you finish what you start!

  • Samantha Bennett

    WOW – I have listened to a lot of teleseminars in my day, and I don’t know if I have ever heard one with as much SPECIFIC and USEFUL information for the creative artist.

    I was afraid it was going to feel long, but honestly the time FLEW by and I think I need to listen to it again – it is so rich with valuable information I’m not sure I absorbed it all and I want to just soak it in!

    Great stuff! ARTISTS RULE!

  • Dyana Valentine

    Thanks, Samantha: I’m with you–I sometimes glaze over when listening to a teleseminar–but no one was daydreaming on this one! Thanks for the enthusiasm and do follow up here with lessons tried/learned, as you have them!

    Dyana Valentine’s last blog post..DIY: Accountability!

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