Pitch Perfect: LIVE! 7/17, 1p, Pacific

July 16, 2009

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Pitch Perfect

Have you ever gone doe-in-the-headlights when someone asks, “what do you do?” We’ve all had that moment of GULP! when describing our business or a particular project. Well–here’s your chance to get your pitch perfected. Listen in Friday, 7/17, 1pm, Pacific and be a doe-no-more!

{UPDATE: click here to listen to the show recording while you read}

I’ll be a guest on Colleen Rice-Nelson’s blogtalk radio show (you have to set up an account quickly to participate–sign up and my workshop are free!)

I will be teaching listeners how to set up their perfect pitch–whether it’s a 30 second blurb or a longer pitch to a prospective client. My goal is to help folks get their point across clearly, succinctly and with their own personal style.

This will be an interactive session and several folks are going to volunteer to work on their pitch LIVE on the radio! Invite a friend and have fun!

Don’t have an hour to spare? Can’t make it? No problem, check out the 2:35 minute version or gimme a jingle and set up a free 30 minute session to polish your pitch or get your project rocking!

Comments? Tools you use to build a perfect pitch? Add ’em in the comments below!

Photo by flyfshrmn98, used under a Creative Commons license.

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