To Me, From Me (37/40)

November 5, 2009

in 40 Days

When was the last time you did something, big or small, just for yourself? No one was watching, maybe no one else even knew? Tell me in the comments.


Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received were ones I gave myself–anyone else in this camp? As you plan for the holidays (travel, gifts, events, gatherings, mad rush of end-of-year work), plan some time for just yourself. Page down and look for the updates in bold of my fellow questers and find out what they are doing for themselves.

Here are a few ideas for those of you who can’t give yourself 40 days, but might consider 40 seconds of “to you, from you:”

  • Make anagrams from your name.
  • Fix something (even if that means disassembling something that works).
  • Break a plate.
  • Yell out loud in your car.
  • Sew yourself something.
  • Listen to your favorite song—you know the one I mean, the one that makes your best friend groan or would embarrass you if someone posted it on Facebook (Hungry Like The Wolf, anyone?).
  • Go to See’s Candy, a fancy nut&candy shop or a frozen yogurt place and get a sample.
  • Go to a park and just sit there. Heck, don’t even go anywhere, just sit there.
  • Hang up the phone. Push back from your technology. Stop.
  • Flirt with someone: a friend, an elder, a kid, play and be cute and lovey.
  • Make a wishlist. Write down everything you wish was just left, anonymously, at your doorstep.
  • Just leave the office. Now. No goodbyes or check ins, just leave and breathe.
  • Paint your toenails (this is for everyone: butch, femme, man, woman)
  • Make goofy faces in a mirror.
  • Skip school. (to my SMC students–but turn in your homework first:))
  • Order the fancy sheets you’ve always wanted.
  • Start a LifeList.

Body update: phase 2 of my flu has landed. I had terrific workouts Monday and Tuesday and took a very short walk yesterday. Am stretching and doing pre/post exercises today. Committing to healing includes: herbs, hot ginger tonic and pillows. Wish me luck.

The 40 days of My Body (if you are new to this story, read the intro here) project, is a quest in service to my business, my body and my own path of finishing what I start. I am committed to exercising 6 days/week, keeping a food journal and being more aware of ways I use (and abuse) my body. Going public is extreme, yes, and it’s working! I’m working with a fantastic trainer, Sunny Riggs, to create a program I can sustain over time. She’s amazing. HIRE HER!

I am not alone on my quest. The roll call is at 31 people (including me)! Some are getting organized, others giving up fast food and some are simply breathing! Check out the updates and links below and show your support:

Tanya Geisler–40 days of hatha yoga and radical self-care. Check out her ROCKING tell-all post!
Petra Korn–30 days on her body (supported with love by hubby Nick)
Tia Reddy–yoga and exercise: she found her yoga plan was NOT working and made these adjustments.
Alisa Bonsignore–working out and food consciousness she’s DONE and kicking off another 30 days, this time of writing.
Suzie Powanda–no fast food or beverages. Check out her guest post getting into the nitty gritty of her challenge progress.
Julie Rorrer–training for the Austin marathon in Spring
Emma Alvarez Gibson–some bit of exercise, every day. She says, “micromovements are proving to be very effective! I’m beginning to look for excuses to get more exercise.”
Joyce Black–FINISHED her 21 days without caffeine and doing a general detox, congratulate her! She did a guest post, too!
Carabunga is rocking 40 days of hardcore productivity and rocking a blog about it. She has GREAT ideas on staying inspired and gives an update on wrassling her bitchy soul and is rocking her challenge!
Paula Trucks-Pape and her husband: 87 Days of exploring their passions
Monica Kingsbury: 30 days of the Candida diet to deal with her sweet tooth: She’s DONE, no honey or sugar for a MONTH, lost 4 lbs and has great new awarenesses around her body and her cravings. Way to go, Monica!
Jack and LisaMarie Rowell: 30 days of extreme health (alkaline diet)
Diane Sherry Case: 3 weeks of walking–she’s up to 20 minutes 4 days/week! (yoga if it rains)
Cindy Morefield: 21 Days of 30 mins/day of cardio exercise. Check out her guest post/video here.
Paula Estes: 30 Days of playing congas while she works in her studio
Sheila Hart
is IN: 21 Days of no sugar!
Amy Ahlers
: 40 days limiting processed food.)
SouperJenny Team: 40 Day hits the ATL! So far, Meredith is giving up sweets and Jenny is giving up booze!! 7 folks have joined their group. Gooo, Team Body, Mind, Spirit! Watch their  update videos here.

  • John from San Diego is giving up carbs and working out 3x/week: gone AWOL–come back to us, John!
  • Sharon’s giving up all sugar except fruit
  • Merrideth giving up all sugar and exercising 4 times a week, she’s doing great and being nice to herself:)
  • Marcie will journal every day and cut down from 4 to 5 diet sodas a day to one per day, Marcie is rocking along and DOING it!
  • Tricia from Atlanta will drink a quart of her green juice concoction and exercise 5 to 7 times a week
  • Lucero Martinez a restaurant/bar owner will give up all alcohol: fell off the wagon. Gitty up back on, Lucero!
  • Jenny giving up all alcohol and working out 5 times a week AND recently added no sugar to her challenge. Way to up the ante, Jenny!
  • WATCH this video of the SouperJenny team taking very good care of themselves and appreciating each other!

Ashley White-Stern: 40 days of meditation and she’s on day 26 of her challenge, fighting a cold, but staying true to being silent at least once a day. Feel better, Ashley!

M Arsenia Brown (aka: @donutdemon) joins with a commitment to 40 days of her body
Cat Sabonis-Chafee is in and says “I will move my ass” for 21 days of daily, considered exercise. She reminded me of a great tool: TAKE A DAY OFF every week and she added in an abs&stretch class today.
Emily-Sarah is joining with body awareness and daily movement. Welcome, Emily-Sarah.
Nicola Warwick kicks off 40 days of food journaling and diet hacking! TODAY! She’s using a super duper diet spreadsheet.

Are you a quester wanting to tell your story? Do it! E-mail me and put your own video or guest post up!

  • Traci

    I buy magazines and I put my feet up and leaf through them all at once. Fasion magazines, shelter magazines, and Psychology Today. They make me feel luxurious and saturated with beauty. I'm easy!

  • dyanavalentine

    ohhhh, Traci: feet up and magazines. Last time I did that was after I got my masters (gulp, 2005!). I went to an outdoor newstand and got everything that tripped my fancy–it was glorious. Thank you for the reminder of what WORKS!

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