Feeling distracted? Stop fighting fires.

November 16, 2010

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Today’s round-up is all about avoiding distractions, saying “no,” and rising from a major mojo slump. What’s the common theme? Protecting and preserving your energy, so you can get into Game On mode and stay there.

You Are Not A Fireman (Then Why Do You Deal With Interruptions Like You Are?)

In a recent video for the Creative Freelancer Blog, I talk about multi-tasking (it’s a myth!) and touch on a treacherous habit: e-mail peekaboo. If you’re perpetually distracted by e-mail interruptions, it’s time to ask yourself: do you really need to be checking?

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Twitter Interview with HOW Magazine

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie: a live Twitter interview transcript with HOW Magazine, a publication for graphic design professionals. If you’re wondering how to turn down projects with practicality & grace, just remember:

“You never look like a jerk if you are choosing to do what you do best–if u can’t do it w/them, DON’T.”

Tanya Geisler On The Dastardly Dip

We’ve all experienced it — that mojo slump midway through a project or relationship. The shiny, fresh energy has worn off, and you’re left sitting in an energetic ditch. Tanya Geisler found herself dipping halfway through a 30-day yoga challenge, and poked me for advice. I was happy to share my “Sure Thing” list. Read all about it, and get re-boosted.

Coming up: I’ll share a trio of video-discussions from Loss Love Life with Nicola Warwick of The Whole Self. See you then!

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