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July 20, 2011

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I have been writing down my dreams for over a year. I feel as though art has returned to my life. It’s a sentimental, possessive experience. Vivid, visual, visceral dreams are a part of me I can count on. Dream time is one of the few spaces/contexts that I don’t question. I don’t judge myself or the stories that come through. Really. Ever.

I lurch out of bed to record weird videos. Several complete poems/songs/performance sermon-esque pieces have come through between 4-6 am (aka: the hours of Dyana). I got so into it that I created a site, an offering and a free call-in gathering.

One morning at 5:45, I listened to a fascinating show from Radiolab called HELP!. Thanks, Jenn Cole, for turning me on to this show and for being a guest on Finish It! Friday. The show was about folks making deals to fight addiction, finish creative works and negotiating through roadblocks. Okay, that’s an inelegant reduction of the show–trust me and listen to it. It may revolutionize the way you think about stepping into your art, trusting it when you do get in there and getting things done.

I was struck by the entire show–but the section where Elizabeth Gilbert discusses her conversations about creativity with Tom Waits rocked my world. He told her:

+ every song has a distinctive identity that it comes into the world with
+ some songs you have to sneak up on, like hunting for a rare bird
+ some come fully intact like a dream taken through a straw
+ some songs need to be bullied

Elizabeth Gilbert said that once she realized the sources of her ideas were outside of her, that meant she could negotiate with a source.

Where/how is your art?
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Woke Up Knowing

Photo by me. Part of the Midnight Tapestry series.

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