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October 6, 2011

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My fabulous friend, Amy Ahlers, wrote a booty kicking book called Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves. She’s also doing a Big Fat Lies Summit– a series of conference calls where some pretty terrific and insightful human beings (*ahem*, I’m on the list) join Amy to cop to the biggest lies they’ve ever told themselves.

One of my top lies-I-told-myself lived in the “I’m too loud, pushy, nosy and bossy” room. I was hiding out from this (and other lies) for a really long time and still bump up against one or two (or five).

I shifted my I’m Too MUCH lie during my first identity branding experience with Steve Gordon at RDQLUS Creative. Steve took me through the identity process of designing my logo, choosing my color scheme and having my logo represent me instead of a company name. The result–I put the “I’m too … loud, pushy, nosy, bossy” idea (because really, it’s NOT a lie) on a brightly lit marquee, with pride, instead of ducking it at every turn.

So, now it’s your turn. How do you fill in the “I’m too …” blank? And what are the biggest, fattest lies you’ve ever told yourself? Leave a comment, tweet about it (see below), post this on Facebook—do whatever gets the truth out there.



Help your friends talk their walk and cut, paste & post these insta-tweets:

What was @DyanaValentine hiding out from? Find out: http://bit.ly/ojEQmi #bigfatlies

Is @DyanaValentine too loud, pushy, nosy or bossy? Find out what she thinks: http://bit.ly/ojEQmi #bigfatlies

Yes, @DyanaValentine gets excited when someone says she’s TOO loud/bossy/nosy: http://bit.ly/ojEQmi #bigfatlies

  • Oscaramyr

    I’m too quiet, nice, sweet. There I said it.

  • http://www.gracequantock.com Grace Quantock

    Too weird, swotty and over-excited talking.
    But its a llliiieeeeee!
    I am me, which includes but is not limited to these idiosyncrasies. That is enough. Over and out.

    Off to add book to wish list…. xxxx

  • http://hannahsharvest.com Hannah Marcotti

    Too introverted, too overwhelmed, too full of feeling and mushy gushy stuff…

    and working to shine the light on all of it!

    Love ya!

  • http://twitter.com/rootsofshe Jenn Gibson

    I’m too introverted, too standoffish, too fragile, too bitchy.

    Well, the last one might be true (ha!) but I am not fragile. I’m strong, resilient.

    So take that, lies. Take that.

  • http://twitter.com/tenaciousleigh Leigh

    I’m too strong; I push too hard.

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  • http://www.thelewickiagency.com Andrea Lewicki

    I’m afraid (biggest lie EVER). I want to fit in (second biggest lie EVER). I’m not enough.

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