have a good cry.

April 22, 2011

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Engineer by training, educator in practice, and entrepreneur at heart,Takeyah Young is pretty good at finishing what she starts by making more conscious decisions and having consciously-chosen collaborators to help give her energy. When Takeyah gets stuck, sometimes she will just have a good cry. From there, she will get a change of perspective: If she’s using a computer to create, she’ll put it on paper instead. Shifting the medium can shift her energy flow, allowing her to create again.

Can’t see this 8-minute video? Click here.

Every week on Finish It! Friday, I invite groovy folks to talk about finishing what they started. We keep it short & sweet. I capture their answers on video. And you get a direct sight line into their mind’s eye.

It’s the same three questions, every time:

  1. Do you finish everything you start?

  2. How do you get unstuck when you’re having trouble finishing?
  3. What are you really, really, REALLY good at?

Are you struggling to finish what you start? Are you a masterful finisher? Or somewhere in between? I’d love to play with you! Join me as a Finish It! Friday guest by emailing me at: info@dyanavalentine.com

Your turn: how do you finish (or not) what you start? Share your tips and stories in the comments. Thanks.

  • http://www.meggywang.com/ Meggy Wang

    I love how it says “INSPIRE” behind Takeyah’s head.

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  • http://www.execumama.com/ Execumama

    So glad Takeyah shone some light on wellness. She’s an absolute gem to work with, and anyone looking to integrate holistic wellness into their life should be visiting her site and taking advantage of her wonderful offerings!

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