How to craft an unforgettable interview

February 4, 2011

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Blog interviews may seem like quick, easy content. And they are — except, they’re usually boring.

Crafting a fascinating interview is a matter of avoiding the usual questions.
And that requires some research, prep time and inventiveness.

5 steps to un-boring interviews

In a recent chat with Tara Gentile (aka Scoutie Girl), we outlined five tips for crafting creative blog interviews — the kind that demonstrate enthusiasm and insight, and really resonate with audiences.

Tara is a writer, thought leader and DIY lifestyle design expert. She’s illuminating the Internet with her personal blend of empowerment + practicality, and “a signed permission slip to reach your goals.”

Check out the full interview here.

And tell me: do you enjoy blog interviews? Which ones struck a powerful chord?

  • Piper Larson

    Great ideas Dyana and Tara!

    And Dyana, I'm now curious about how you taped yourself for this interview. (Tools, lighting tips, etc…)The visual is crystal clear and the colors are really bright – very professional looking!


  • Matt

    OK. And better lighting, combed hair and a touch of NO SHINE YOU make up won't kill you either, right? And when you make a statement, have confidence to not end the statement with a rising inflection of in your voice? It makes it sound like a question? The earth is flaaaattt?

  • dyanavalentine

    ha! you got it, spot on, Matt. You rock. Thanks for weighing in. I also find that recording yourself and watching back (if you can bear it) really helps you hear yourself.

  • dyanavalentine

    Hiya, Piper–I've been getting a lot of questions about this (may be time for a post on it?). The top points are: I use a Canon Powershot S1400 (or my laptop internal camera, MacBook); use a lamp (ikea desk) behind the camera, record in full res whenever poss, if Skype, I use ecamm recorder(which has it's minuses–occasionally gets a serious out of focus fuzz). The angle of the camera (play with it for your face/lighting) makes a big diff, too. Send me a video of yours and I'd be happy to give you specific tips. Good luck! Dy

  • Sri

    Hi Dyana!
    Just chanced upon this video now! I loved the idea of the must-think-of points for interviews because I really love doing interviews!
    I do agree with all these 5 points. I had a question about one of them that stems from personal experience. 
    When it comes to the length of a blog post or interview I tend to shift away from it when it fails to hold my attention. But if it’s a post that’s gripping and interesting, I’d even go so far as to brew a cup of chai so that I can ‘settle’ down to enjoy it! So I wonder how that works. 
    My interviews aren’t short and sweet and I’ve always thought the style, the “fun” and the context would keep them reading through till the end. Now I’m not so sure! 

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