Is your Plan B the real gem?

January 25, 2011

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You’ve got a huge project in motion.
You’ve got a clear vision, and things are percolating.
But should you have a Plan B? Y’know — just in case everything implodes?

Plan B: Better. Braver. Bolder.

In a recent video-post for the Creative Freelancer Blog, I talk about the tension of failure, the variables of success, and the purpose of a juicy Plan B.

Check out the full article here.

And tell me: do you always have a Plan B? Sometimes? Never? Stories, please!

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  • Hannah Marcotti

    Love having permission for the Plan B!!! Plan B has typically been being ok with letting Plan A go when it doesn't work out, fill up, etc. Just now starting to think how to create a more active Plan B.

    P.S. As a new user of webcam, how do you make your eyes look right into mine? It always looks as though I am looking down. Do you have a quick tip for that?

  • dyanavalentine

    hey, super H: I love the concept of an activated Plan B–it's so much more powerful than having a Plan B that's just an idea. On videos: yes! I have a strategy for that: I look directly into the camera, versus watching myself on the screen. It takes a little bit of practice, but it does work in the sense (which I think you are describing) that it makes the viewer feel connected with versus just watching me. Try it out and let me know if it works (and send me a link to the results)!

  • Hannah Marcotti

    Oh, don't stare at myself.
    Ok, I did it. You rock.
    And have an active plan B now, which also is helping me secure the faith that plan A is going to happen.

  • dyanavalentine

    yahooo! congratulations, Hannah. I'm excited to see your video. I love the idea about Plan B putting Plan A on a more solid pedestal. Sizzling.

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