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August 9, 2011

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There are a lot of interesting, truly curious people in the world, but the guys at The Reflex Blue Show take curiosity and the art of the interview to a whole other level. A year ago, before the inHOWse Design and Creative Freelancers conferences, they grilled me in the bowels of the Denver Convention Center about Pitch Perfect™, how creatives can boost their business, my favorite Scrabble word and other random goodness.

Fast forward a year to another fantastic HOW Conference; I’m chatting with Donovan Beery and Nate Voss with special guest, Stefan Mumaw. Give it a listen here while I sound off on getting stuck in the pay-the-bills trap, the difference between freelancing and entrepreneuring, the new Pitch Perfect™ and otherwise try to get a word in edgewise.

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While we’re at it–what have you been curious about lately? Have you made any appearances we should all know about? Leave a note in the comments below.


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What’s the diff btw freelancer and entrepreneur? by @DyanaValentine @36point @stefanmumaw #HOWlive

Feel stuck in a pay-the-bills trap? Listen up: @DyanaValentine @36point @stefanmumaw #HOWlive

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