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November 8, 2011

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I resist it when people call me a motivational speaker. I call myself an instigator and emcee. During a recent interview with the wonderful Crystal Reynolds, I spoke about why I call myself an instigator and how I get my groove on from the stage.

When you volunteer to come to a conference or one of my workshops, you arrive with your own motivation. I’m not there in the front of that room to fill your vessel; I’m there to play with that excitement that’s already percolating and bouncing around inside you and to turn it up.

I’m also totally there for me. You heard me. I get a real kick the energy that naturally springs up in a room of hundreds (and looking forward to thousands) of people. Speaking gigs allow me to polish my craft while raising the vibration of a community of people.

I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m not there to talk and rant and tell you to get off your butt and write a book or start a business or bake apple pies or whatever that thing you’re meant to do is. I’m there to instigate you to make good decisions, to teach you how to test ideas and to talk your walk.

How about you? What do you call yourself and why? Please leave your story in the comments below. Even better, go check out ALX Franzen’s incredible post Tell Us Who You Are, No, Seriously. She’s brilliant.


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Have you seen me rock the mic live? Catch me on Friday, November 11th, at the Women Today Conference in Ventura, CA.

  • Lorinwolf

    Interesting question: I really don’t “call myself” anything.I think of myself as  a re-incarnated Gaelic bard back in search of a better story to share. “Gypsy Goader” also just came to mind. I really hate watching people stagnant when hitting the road is such fun.
    Kay Barrett

  • Anonymous

    you are fabulous–Gypsy Goader is going on my wall of fame. That’s fantastic. Yes, please, let’s burn some rubber this week! Thanks for stopping by, Kay.

  • http://www.keylogger.in monitoring tool

    Inspiring post. I have never thought about who i am actually.  I think this point will me to know myself better.

  • Alisa

    So really, you’re a cattle prod? 😉

    Instigator is the perfect word for you. Absolutely. I need to find a similarly good description for my Betty self.

  • http://twitter.com/erinmgiles Erin Giles

    Have been playing around with this for awhile, I am so much more than a small biz coach, and it’s been driving me up a wall that I can’t put my finger on it:)! I will continue to wait it out, loved this vid!

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