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June 3, 2011

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Freelance writer, blogger, and enthusiasm addict, Michelle Nickolaisen is pretty good at finishing what she starts, because she gets crystal clear on what finished means. I love that Michelle asks herself if she is working towards perfection, which is unattainable, or excellence, which she can aim for. Check her out and find out what musicals have to do with all of this in the video below. Feeling all twittery? Fab, find her on Twitter and enjoy more of her brilliant self.

Can’t see the 4 minute video? Click here.

Every week on Finish It! Friday, I invite groovy folks to talk about finishing what they started. We keep it short & sweet. I capture their answers on video. And you get a direct sight line into their mind’s eye.

It’s the same three questions, every time:

  1. Do you finish everything you start?
  2. How do you get unstuck when you’re having trouble finishing?
  3. What are you really, really, REALLY good at?

Are you struggling to finish what you start? Are you a masterful finisher? Or somewhere in between? I’d love to play with you! Join me as a Finish It! Friday guest by emailing me at:

Your turn: how do you finish (or not) what you start? Share your tips and stories in the comments. Thanks.

Redefine finish! Finish It! Friday!

  • Nikki Lynn

    Define finished.  Brilliant!  Just what I needed to hear today after hearing what I needed to hear yesterday from someone else.  I must be doing something right because I’m hearing what I need along the way.  Thanks Dyana and Thanks Michelle!!!!

  • Michelle

    Thanks again for having me, Dyana! It was a pleasure 🙂 

  • Michelle

    Isn’t synchronicity awesome?! Glad I could be the messenger of the universe for you, Nikki 😉 

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