you are HOW you eat

November 21, 2011

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If you can’t view this 2:37 video click here. If you dig it and want to see us go even deeper, click here.

When my friend, Shelley said, “how you eat tells me something about how you do everything.” *Gulp* I suddenly felt vulnerable and nervous. Dive in to this deep interview and let me know HOW you have eaten, related and loved today.

Shelley really called me out and raised my eyebrows and taste buds–even though we did this interview about a week ago–I’m STILL setting my mind on “joy” or “calm” or “slow it down” before I take in food or even when I pick up the phone. For those of us celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving, this might be a great week to practice. Oh, and for a juicy, extra special bonus, check out Shelley’s new book Tantric Tastes: Dessert For Lovers (affiliate link). Keep life funky and foxy, everyone.

Hotlights for those of you who are reading in a rush (please check out the full interview on Shelley’s blog here, we had a a lot of fun):

  • Cravings are signals or tools–don’t knock them until you’ve listened to them;
  • If you eat with joy in mind, you digest more effectively;
  • Find out about your body’s intelligent ecology (yep, get down on some new BIG words now); and
  • Put some “love ketchup” on your food! Explore your own Spiritual Condiments.

Go beyond, “you are what you eat.” Follow Shelley’s lead and put some Yippee! on your plate with those mashed potatoes. I’d love to hear your stories about how food impacts your world. Please share in the comments.


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  • Anonymous

    I love this! It’s perfect timing as I whip my self into the next orbit.  I am on day three of a full detox, which to be honest needs to be intertwined into my life (not the detox so I can retox cycle) but really honor food as something that heals and fuels my body.  Like you I noticed that I would gulp food down, often while standing up.  The last few days, I have been delighting, honoring and enjoying food.  It has made me feel oh so sassy inside.  Thank you for this wonderful reminder of slowing down and enjoying what’s on our plates, not mention actually using a plate.  

  • Shelley Chapman

    Awesome! Shout out to Dyana for allowing me to share.  Glad you’re  beginning to feel “oh so sassy inside”. That’s how women should feel all of the time!

  • Execumama

    YESSS!!! *Church claps & pew hurdles”
    I’m so proud of Shelley, and I can personally attest to the POWER of her work in Food Relationship coaching. She’s changing lives, palates, kitchens, and souls, baby–and it’s about time folks starting utilizing the resources that Shelley brings to the table!

    Oh, and as for that scrumdidliumtious bake book she just put out–I’ve taste tested just about every recipe, and hoooneeeeyy….GET YOU SOME OF THAT THERE!!!

  • Julia Aspinwall

    I love it!  Everything is energy!  I had a funny thing happen:  the place where I had room to soak nuts prior to making raw vegan goodness with them just “happened” to be right in front of my iPod speakers.  Why is this important?  Because whenever I leave the house (and sometimes when I’m home) I blast OM from those speakers!  After a few months it dawned on me that I was filling the nuts with Divine energy!  Woo-hoo, receiving guidance and I didn’t even know it!  No wonder everyone who eats those creations really really likes them…
    Fill our food with Love = Fill our bodies with Love 🙂

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