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I posted this update and it caused a bit of a hubbub. What do you make of it? Do you regularly help yourself? Are you helped by others? What is the flavor of this story for you?

Here’s a snipped of what happened on Facebook:


Our clients are hiring us because, on some level, our stories have synchronized in one or five areas. We trust each other because of the stories and the underlying assumption that we “understand” each other in some way. Everything you share about yourself and your business helps us put together a story. I help my clients decide to consciously choose stories and present them so they can’t be misunderstood. It really boils down to this: if you don’t tell us your story, we’ll make one up.

Are you saying, “easier said than done!” Okay, that’s fair, but I’ve got your ringer (affiliate link). Here is your secret weapon for telling stories in your way, oh, and taking them to market. Danielle LaPorte and Linda Siversten have put together a remarkable, encyclopaedic tome to help you say it like you lived it. Check it out:

I’m writing my first book proposal, so YBBBP is tear-jerkingly on time for me. Not only did I very quickly realize that I was starting with my ass end first, but there was NO TIME TO BITCH ABOUT IT. Danielle and Linda clearly define the action steps — from each blade of grass to the mountain top — to get me on the bestseller list and speaking to thousands, not hundreds. Ready to join me? C’mon. Gitty up.

 Your Big Beautiful Book Plan


Don’t be discrete! Copy and paste these tweets:

I was easily charmed into writing this book proposal, now I’m easily annoyed. Going here for help:

Overwhelming urge to throw your book idea out and start over? *guilty* Here’s what I’m doing instead: