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This week on Finish It! Friday, Jim Krause joins the fray. He cops to coming up with a few bad ideas along the way and working slowly at times. Since he’s decided writer’s/designer’s block doesn’t exist, Jim never gets stuck. I know, I know. I had my doubts, too, until I got face to face with his approach during the interview. Feel it for yourself while you watch this video:

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I’d love to hear your finishing struggles, tips and stories in the comments below.

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Every week on Finish It! Friday, I invite groovy folks to talk about finishing what they started. We keep it short & sweet. I capture their answers on video. And you get a direct sight line into their mind’s eye.

It’s the same three questions, every time:

  1. Do you finish everything you start?
  2. How do you get unstuck when you’re having trouble finishing?
  3. What are you really, really, REALLY good at?

Are you struggling to finish what you start? Are you a masterful finisher? Or somewhere in between? I’d love to play with you! Join me as a Finish It! Friday guest by emailing me at:


Watch this video to see my dear friend Sam Bennett and I talk about getting our best work done and out into the world.

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Her next session of the Get It Done workshop (I have taken it 3 times – it works) starts in TWO DAYS on November 3rd. RUN, don’t walk, over to her site and sign up. Yep, that’s an affiliate link, by the way.


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