IMG_0388Hey, sugarpants::

I’m Dyana, an oracle, emcee and creator of SuperConditions, a process that teaches you how to articulate, in your own words, why you do what you do and designing your business systems around that gold.

More than anything else, I care about making the world more humane.

If I could only name one thing I’m really good at, it’s listening between the lines to find the real question at hand.

When it comes to decision-making and leadership, I believe that if you can clearly say why you do what you do, and design your own systems to get it done, then the products, services, and art you create will become easier to describe, deliver and stand behind.

Prior to my current work, I was a microsurgery technician, Olympics organizer, horse trainer and secretary to the General Counsel of a multi-national corporation. Then I realized:: I had NO business being anyone’s secretary.

15 years, 1000s of clients and workshop participants and 20+ speaking gigs later, here I am.

Today, I work with performers, designers, professional athletes and authors–some call it professional development, others call it leadership mentoring–I call it teaching you how to navigate the stuff that usually shuts you down and makes you act like a jerk.

Sometimes, my work looks like an ass-kicking from stage. Other times, it’s a dream, delivered live in the middle of the night. Most times, it’s a deep-dive, 4-month one-on-one initiation to SuperConditions, helping you understand what requirements you need to operate at your best, then designing systems to help you deliver, relate, and make the world a better place.

Ultimately, all of my work is about answering the real questions. Everything gets better when people, like you and I, can trust our own decisions and be of deeper service.

My goal is for us to stop asking:
What’s WRONG with me?
and start asking: What am I truly capable of?

Here are excerpts of client love (more here) to give you some insight into me/my work::

“secret weapon”
“she pushes you and doesn’t take any guff”
“no holds barred”
“never fails to bring to light at least one gem (typically several) in every interaction with her”
“makes my palms sweat and my heart beat faster”
“after years of therapy, business school, marketing, training programs and self-guided personal development, Dyana cut to the chase in the first call and we got down to my real questions. I doubled my income, finished my book and have systems in place that make my work easier to handle.”

When I’m not playing with strangers, cooking, watching underdog movies, you’ll find me dreaming, designing new problem-solving games and teaching Student Success at Santa Monica College.

Now that you know a bit about who I am and why I’m here, why not::

  1. find one of your SuperConditions;
  2. learn more about working with me one-on-one; or
  3. watch me in my bathrobe, at 4:44am, talking plain.

Thank you. I’m glad you’re on the planet.




Here’s a little you-read-this-far prize: drop your name + email here for a juicy lesson on how to describe + pitch yourself to the people who need you. No more feeling like a deer-in-the-headlights when someone asks, “What do you do?”


Let’s connect.
Email :: info@dyanavalentine.com
Phone (I love it!) :: (310) 663-6630
Snail-mail ::
2118 Wilshire Boulevard #611
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5784

You might not know that I::

  1. travel a lot and always bring my own sheets and pillows from home;
  2. refold the hotel toilet paper into a little triangle every time, because it’s so delightful;
  3. studied Applied Community Psychology and earned my masters;
  4. spent a year teaching other kids how to tie their shoes at every available opportunity because it changed my life when I learned how to tie my own;
  5. keep military time on my phone because it’s more specific;
  6. am perfectly happy hanging out in environments where I don’t speak the language because there’s plenty to connect around without knowing what’s being said;
  7. make periodic commitments to conquer my fears. This round:: open ocean swimming (for recreation, not survival), and WordPress;
  8. rode a horse before I walked;
  9. have deep disdain for auto-flush toilets;
  10. have stopped explaining my work to convince people to believe it, and have simply started inviting people to join me;
  11. am honored to count artists, performers and writers among my closest friends;
  12. get mistaken for vegan, but I’m mostly an opportunivore;
  13. start almost every day by recording my dreams;
  14. have sunglasses, phone, 10 Hello, I’m Really Good At stickers(amazing how handy they come in all kinds of situations), a blank thank-you card, 3×5 cards, pens-never-pencils, a go-bag of toiletries, just in case I’m invited on an adventure, in my purse at all times;
  15. was born to two professional photographers;
  16. love the following sounds:: ocean waves, wind in palm trees, revving V8s, and babies laughing;
  17. often freak out when I sit down to do my own work;
  18. answer questions about my names at least weekly, and, yes, Valentine is my real last name;
  19. write poetry and pair it with my photography;
  20. changed my name to Katie for about a calendar year when I was a kid. Then stopped. No notice on either end, no story, just a moment. It was fun. (Remains a mystery how I chose that name);
  21. love underdog/sports movies and documentaries; and
  22. would answer, if asked what sense I’d give up if I had to:: my sense of obligation.