Need another idea like a hole in the head? You have plenty of great projects and your business is in one piece. What if you knew exactly how to use your best ideas for good, not evil?

I work with international creatives, politicians and thought leaders who are committed to their own personal expansion in service to a cause or treasure-chest idea. Many of my clients have created lead-by-example social movements.

Bring me to your city for a Super Conditions WORKSHOP.

Work with me if you:

+ Need another idea like you need a hole in the head
::What you really need is a system to discern which of your brilliant ideas will help your team, audience or clients do what they do best
+ Have bitten off more than you can fit in your mouth (let alone chew)
::You’d feel so relieved if you could design the perfect portion size for your business or project so you could sustain your efforts over time and mitigate the high-wire-drama of daily decision-making
+Need, must, gotsta to finish what you’ve started
::Because your cause is crystal clear and you want to see if it really will change the world
+Demand clarity that goes beyond the immediate sore-spot, and into deep strategy
::It’s time, right now, to never say, “Well, I’m hoping to. . .” again
+You are ready for a straight-talking, no-holding back, ringer in your corner
::I refuse to let you sink, slack, scuffle along or slink into the shadows on this one

Iʼm here to push you right to the edge of what you thought was possible, practical and plausible.

That’s where your seed of an idea will get clarified, tested and designed in service to the good you are committed to doing on the planet.

Invest in Your Greatness:

What has it cost you in the last 12 months to hem and haw or otherwise stew in the fog of “what’s next?!” My mission is to help you learn to curate your own leadership so that your systems are YOURS, your decisions are not just good, they are the RIGHT. Are you ready for your expressions of greatness to resonate to the tune of happy audiences/clients, strong movements and beyond-your-highest-expectations outcomes? You are available to invest $2500 for a six-week process which will grow business or current project. That is the level you are ready invest in and engage when you are ready for me. Everyone starts with a six-week coaching series with me because over the years, I have found that is the most effective span within which to go deep, see progress and truly assess what approach will be the most effective for you over time. Many of my clients choose to do two-six week series with me, and then return for work once per year or so as their work intensifies. Read case studies and watch client stories here.

The One On One box below (red, on the left) is the one to click if you are ready to apply to work with me one-on-one. The Workshops box (green, middle) will lead you to a page on how to work with me in a group or attend an upcoming event. The DIY box (blue, on the right) leads you to my store, where you can find networking tools, feel-good supplies and products that I made or that I personally use and recommend.