Don’t just make good decisions, make the right ones.

You are smart as a whip, but the next three decisions you have to make are driving you bananas. Let me help you lean into what you are capable of so you can make the right decisions in service to your clients and communities. Ready?

I live in Los Angeles, CA and travel the world teaching leaders how to listen to themselves, One-On-One, @ Workshops & En Masse.

I want to bring my SuperConditions WORKSHOP to you!

You know you are are a leader if you are generous, transparent (even if you are a private person) and continuously challenging yourself to excel and expand. You are not doing it just to be flashy or famous, but in direct service to elevating your current cause to a movement.

You are ready to work with me if you want to:
+ Learn how to rapidly parse large amounts of data to make not only good decisions but lightning fast RIGHT decisions;
+ Use your confidence to make new rules of audience/client engagement; and
+ Define your value system to figure out what makes you truly valuable.

I am called upon by international organizations, politicians and performers as a leadership consultant and podium-free speaker.

My motto is, “decide to be great(er).” So, yeah. Do that.

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Educate your intuition and it will never lead you astray.