DyanaHeadShotUpperEverybody is born with a set of SuperConditions — conditions that, when met, allow you to operate at your best.

Most of us don’t know what our SuperConditions are.

We’re not taught how to name + claim them, in school.

So we move through life in a state of chronic self-misunderstanding.

We say “yes” to things that seem like they should be a good move — but aren’t.

We rely on other people’s templates and blueprints — that don’t fit.

We get into conflicts with people whose SuperConditions are out of sync with our own.

But what if you did understand your own SuperConditions?

And what if you made every single decision — from your career to your friendships to your daily routine to the exact shade of blue on your bedroom walls — using your SuperConditions as a barometer?
What if everyone on the planet operated that way, too?

I want to live in that world.

It would be pretty super.

I’m Dyana Valentine, creator of SuperConditions™. If you’re interested and ready to go, play the SuperConditions™ Game now.

You’re about to discover a process that has uprooted everything I used to believe about “improving yourself” and “being your best.” And for hundreds of people I’ve worked with — from bestselling authors to Olympic athletes to first-year college students — it’s been a paradigm-changer, too.

I designed SuperConditions to help you understand what your requirements are in order to make better, more humane decisions. I did it because::

We torture ourselves with the WRONG questions, such as::

  • what’s wrong with me? who can fix me?
  • what’s the best program for me?
  • is it okay to do x, y or z?

When we’re really trying to answer the RIGHT (perfectly sane, socially sanctioned) questions, like::

  • what do I do?
  • what’s my 5-year plan?
  • how can I make more money, like now?

But I’ve seen the most true and lasting change when we ask the REAL (ones that help you answer all other) questions, for example::

  • what could I do to be more honest and trustworthy?
  • how can I use what I already have to do better work, be more stable and of deeper service?
  • what’s the best way to avoid misunderstandings and make better decisions?

Ultimately, my work is about teaching you how to understand how you naturally operate best (it may surprise you), so you can design your life, business and relationships in more humane, sustainable ways.

Whatever your SuperConditions are, I believe you were born with them and they aren’t going anywhere. It’s up to you to find out what they are, use them for good, not evil, and answer your own REAL questions.

SuperConditions is for you if::

  • you’re really good at solving other people’s problems, but struggle with your own;
  • you kick ass, win awards and make money in your forward-facing life, but feel like you don’t know your ass from a hole-in-the-wall in your inward-facing life;
  • you feel like a jerk because you don’t follow through on your commitments to yourself;
  • you wish dealing with humans could be easier and you could be less pissed off, want what you want, and learn to say what you really mean; and
  • you are struggling with making all of those seven-steps-to-better-whatever programs work for you in real life, after the class has closed.

SuperConditions help you learn::

  • to transition from paralyzing self-criticism to exquisite business design;
  • to apply your SuperConditions to difficult decisions and avoiding misunderstandings;
  • to navigate the stuff that usually shuts you down and makes you feel like a jerk; and
  • how to make sense to yourself, have language to make sense to other people, and trust your decisions a whole lot more.

Here’s how it works::

Everyone Starts here:: Go play the SuperConditions™ Game first. Then, submit your results via this form, and indicate you’d like to work directly with me to expand your SuperConditions practice and improve your work and relationships.

To Go Even Deeper: I work with a very small number of clients to expand their capacity to make decisions that will radically shift their personal lives, work and creative relationships. The investment is $1000/month, for a minimum of four months of unlimited email, phone, text, Skype access to me while we work through your SuperConditions. I work with 5 or fewer clients at any given time, so you’ll have my full attention. I expect you to make time to invest in this process and to be as available to me as I am to you. This work is neither recreational nor optional, once we agree to dive in.

First Step:: After you play the SuperConditions™ Game, submit your results via the form mentioned above, and before we both commit to the full four-month experience, you and I will have a single initiation session ($500), which lasts 90 minutes to two hours. We’ll explore your game results, dive straight into your expanded SuperConditions and you’ll leave the initiation call ready with your next best actions.

I am ready to be your champion & I’m glad you’re on the planet. Seatbelts ON. Click the big red button below to take the next step in your decision-making glory.


Please feel free to reach out to me at either info@dyanavalentine.com or (310) 663-6630 to discuss any questions or ideas you have.


QuoteLeftDyana is magical, prophetic and potent; providing laser-focus, intuitive wisdom, and vast kindness that is unparalleled and unmatched. I have worked with her for more than three years. And though each context has compelled significant professional and personal breakthrough, it has been the cumulative, over-time reality that has transformed my business and my life.

It’s one thing to hear and even apply a particular perspective or strategic process in a short-term, intense program; it’s quite another to have the benefit and privilege of consistent, open-ended access, layers upon layers of discovery and growth, and the gift of tenacious and integrity-filled relationship. Long-term has made all the difference.

I cannot imagine not having the benefit of Dyana’s voice in my head or my heart. I cannot imagine not advocating for her in the boldest and most powerful of ways.QuoteRight

Ronna Detrick, M.Div.

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