ON-STAGE ACTION: Keynotes, TEDx Talks, Workshops + Emceeing … for your ROWDY audience.

So: you’ve got a demanding crowd, full of action-minded movers ‘n shakers?

And if you throw up one more PowerPoint presentation about nicey-nice, milky-white goal-setting strategies, someone’s gonna start a riot?

I’d love to get my mitts on your mic stand, and crank the volume past eleven.
I deliver (and emcee) podium-free, fully-interactive presentations on:

  • Collaborating and communicating like (smart + foxy) grown-ups.
  • Testing and tweaking ideas to get to the marketable jewels (due diligence is hot).
  • Breathing new life into stalled projects, dusty visions, and broken systems (instigation is everything).
  • Banishing deer-in-the-headlights moments, by pitching like a pro (you + them = a better world).
  • Zeroing in on your personal gem time — and leveraging those moments of unvarnished wisdom into products, programs (and pulsating momentum).

You can be damn certain that I will ALWAYS:

  • Get the elephant in the room to come outta the closet, and dance the mambo with your CEO.
  • Pose oh-no-she-didn’t questions (the kind that trigger oh-now-I-get-it epiphanies).
  • Challenge everyone the room to up their personal antes — at work. At play. And with everything they say.

Rest assured that I will NEVER:

  • Tolerate mediocrity (from myself, or anyone else in the room).
  • Let lies float on by (even innocuous ones).
  • Read from scribbly index cards (Scout’s honor).

When I step onto the stage, I bring 15+ years of proven business-boosting prowess, insights sourced from 1-on-1 coaching with 700+ entrepreneurs, and an academic background in Community Psychology … plus big hair, big shoes, and big love for your crew.

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Recent Appearances:

Curve Camp Nashville, TN
, San Francisco
Conducted private wedding ceremony (THAT was interesting!)
Mississippi Young Professionals Summit, Meridian, MS
TEDxAmericasFinestCity, San Diego, CA
SuperConditions for Greatness Workshop, Portland, OR
SuperConditions for Greatness Workshop, Vancouver, BC
SuperConditions for Greatness Workshop, Toronto, Ontario
SuperConditions for Greatness Workshop, Newburyport, MA
One In Herself Workshop, Vancouver, BC
International Freelancers Day, online
SPARK Retreat, Sante Fe, NM
Woke Up Knowing Live
, Walla Walla, WA
Fierce Leadership Summit,
Los Angeles, CA
everyWOMAN, Whistler, BC
HOW Design Live
, annually since 2010
Society for Research and Action (SCRA) Biennial, Montclair, NJ and Chicago, IL
Design Conferences, annually since 2009
Creative Freelancer
Conferences, annually since 2008
Santa Monica College
, Santa Monica, CA
Women Today Conference, Ventura, CA
TEDxWomenOjai, Ojai, CA

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