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Never be a deer in the headlights again!

You’re walking into a crowded networking event, and you’ve just slapped on your name tag, when—from out of the darkness—you hear, “So, what do you do?” You feel the tingle in your fingers and toes.

Choose the best Pitch Perfect™ option for yourself:

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect™ Pack $57:
super fun game-style worksheet;
seven audio tutorials, 45 minutes total, of step-by step instructions; and troubleshooting and ideas to help walk you through creating new pitches.

Pitch Polishing Session $400:

Pitch Perfect™ Pack;
a 45-minute intensive phone session with me; and
a recording of your session.

Pitch Perfect™ Workshop $1500:
Pitch Perfect™ Pack;
three-45 minute one-on-one harvesting sessions;
one live-via-Skype pitch practice session;
session recordings; and
custom-crafted multi-use pitches.

Hello Stickers

These stickers have been used by several thousand people in 20 cities. Here is a Flickr set to see how they’ve been used. They’ve been used at networking events, speed dating events, parties, kid’s parties and conferences. They’ve been really great ways to warm up crowds and great ways to connect to each other. After all, names are artificial, but what you are really good at connects you to the world.

HELLO Stickers 3″x4″:

Hello Postcards

These are a spin-off of the HELLO STICKERS but they are “HELLO I’M YOU’RE really good at” postcards. These are ways that you can share the love with friends, co-workers, clients…celebrate someone in your life by telling them what you think they are really good at on a postcard. The back is blank for your note and address.Click here and read the story of the HELLO postcards and see photos of them in action

Postcards 4″x6″:

Hello Journals

These are love on top of love. They are made by Scout Books and are recycled pocket journals with light colored lines inside. I was turned on to them by Colleen Wainwright. Rein in your work-in-progress and keep it all in one place. I made these for new year gifts for my clients and they were so popular I had to re-order them and now they are for sale.

Scout Book Journals:


What was one of the funniest experiences of your life, one where you laughed from your core?

The Coaching Blueprint

Life Coaches who want to create a fulfilling and successful practice without all of the slickster hype–it’s about creating a practice that gives you as much as it gives your clients.

Picking Up the Pieces

Luminous stories of grief and growth. Love-filled prompts for your own healing journey.

23 Things…

When I asked 23 glorious humans if they’d like to write a love note of encouragement to your glorious self, they said: Yes please!

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