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This is the page for you if you:

  • Want to hear my SuperConditions™ call recordings.
  • Want to schedule your Game Review; and
  • LOVE to dig around like a reference librarian and learn more about the work (check out the interviews and articles).


dv_testimonial_sarahpaikai“Do you want to understand the way you process decisions? And why you do it that way? Ever wondered what sparks your creative process?  These are questions SuperConditions has answered for me.”

Sarah Paikai, The Writing CEO

I offer FREE ask-me-anything calls about SuperConditions, and announce them on Facebook and Twitter.

Free call recordings are linked up below. Here’s my favorite one, that breaks down the entire SuperConditions system:  the most fabulous 7/28/16 recording . There’s also some wonderful caller/participant live work in the last 15 minutes or so. Whoosh!

Dial: 1-712-432-3148
Enter conference code: 475469

Pre-call Instructions:

  1. Play the Game;
  2. Mark your calendar;
  3. Note the call in info; and
  4. Bring your questions!

You are also welcome to stop by and listen, even if you haven’t played the game.

Call Recordings:
Click here to download the 12/10/15 call recording, or follow these instructions: Dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter Recording ID: 28720168 when prompted for it. Push 1 to pause; push 2 to rewind one minute; press 3 to fast-forward audio 1 minute.

Click here to download the 1/28/16 call recording, or follow these instructions: Dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter Recording ID: 46922995. Push 1 to pause; push 2 to rewind one minute; press 3 to fast-forward audio 1 minute.

Download the 2/24/16 call recording. You may also follow these instructions to listen to a playback by phone: Dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter Recording ID: 82349359. Push 1 to pause; push 2 to rewind one minute; press 3 to fast-forward audio 1 minute.

Download the call recording for 6/30/16. To listen via your phone, follow these instructions: dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter recording ID: 55604369. Push 1 to pause; push 2 to rewind one minute; press 3 to fast-forward audio 1 minute.

Holy wow, Maureen Shea and Paige Zaferiou joined me on the call 8/31/16 (recording here) and talked about some of their deepest decision-making processes. Enjoy and follow them!

Download and play the 10/5/16 call recording here.

Download and play the 11/16/16 recording here–and note that I talked about how I came to be doing this work and the evolution of the SuperConditions game as well as walked a client through how to choose a good question. It was FUN! Thanks to everyone who participated–friends new and old, near and far. What a treat!

Download and play the 12/13/16 call recording and listen to me riff on money, the holidays and habits that used to be bad now being used for GOOD.

Here is the 36 minute call from 1/24/17 on Deciding without Deciding, the Power of Maybe.

Inspired by Reggie Watts and his Minimum Effort, Maximum Freshness SuperCondition: Listen in on the 3/1/17 call : dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter recording ID: 75076276. Push 1 to pause; push 2 to rewind one minute; press 3 to fast-forward audio 1 minute.


If you’ve already played the SuperConditions Game and you are ready for your in-depth, one-on-one, audio-recorded Game Review, then call me on 310 663 6630 or email and I’ll get in touch within two business days to schedule your session. Or, use this handy dandy form:

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dv_testimonial_donnascarola“I was directionless with a tank full to the brim. I then worked with Dyana Valentine and the undeniable magical, yet definitively clear SuperConditions session painted the road map I had been seeking for so long. It was if someone showed me a picture of myself that was so clear and strikingly amazing, one that I felt existed but was hidden. A place of authenticity now resonates with my understanding of not only my work, but my purpose in this world. The process of hearing your SuperConditions are like hearing your name aloud, they feel innate, perfectly descriptive and most importantly empowering.”

Donna Scarola, Writer and HR Product Manager


Love this interview by Esme Wang about how SuperConditions came to be, and how to take the “I’m Confused” out of your day.

Sarah Paikai, The Writing CEO, went super deep and shared her LIVE SuperConditions Game Review, where we discussed her main question and went into detail throughout the entire SuperConditions Game process in a write up, plus a 47 minute video and a written transcript). Check it out and leave a comment or question.

Grace Quantock, of TrailBlazer, and I did a video conversation about the concept of suffering, resilience, and how to identify your SuperConditions spectra. Watch here: Trailblazer Interview. Read here: transcript.

Alana Sheeren’s interviewed me for her podcast, Create Your Magical Life, and we went DEEP. We discussed how SuperConditions™ came to be and some of my ideas about how decision-making can make the world more humane. Subscribe to her podcast, she’s an excellent person. Here’s our transcript. Enjoy.

dv_testimonial_kayeputnam“Dyana has a seemingly magical ability to truly see people. She asks the right questions – as in deep, meaningful, why didn’t I think of it that way?! – questions. When she gives feedback, it’s the stuff you never forget. It feels like more than feedback – it becomes the humane and thoughtful voice in your head, helping you live life better. Playing with the SuperConditions Game is no exception. It’s a fun yet profound piece of Dyana’s genius, packaged up for us to enjoy. After playing the Game, as compact as it is, I feel incredibly more confident about making the hairy and messy decisions in my life.”

Kaye Putnam, brand strategist, educator, mom and globe-trotter.


I thank you, in advance, for sharing your SuperConditions stories with the world. You are welcome to:

  1. Interview me for your show, podcast, blog or vlog, or introduce me to your favorite interviewer or host;
  2. Invite me to speak at your workshop, retreat, event or conference;
  3. Play the game and write about it on your website, blog, or other social media outlet (or to use on my site). Tag me when you post, or give me a heads up via email at, so I can support your work.
  4. Give me feedback, if you’ve already played the game, and ask questions. I’ll answer you directly and privately.
  5. Share one of the following pre-written updates to Instagram with an image that represents your favorite SuperCondition, Twitter, Facebook or other social media places you frequent. Feel free to tag me as well (@dyanavalentine, everywhere).

Avoid a gut-wrenching sensation around your next big choice. #SuperConditions

Make the world better today, one decision at a time. #SuperConditions

If your #SuperConditions drive your decisions, I’m curious: are yours taking you where you want to go?

The same things that make you awesome can also make you an asshole. SCGame #SuperConditions

Are you confused? Or just unclear what your #SuperConditions are?

Why do you do what you do in the way you do it? It’s not a criticism, it’s a #SuperCondition.

One of my #SuperConditions is ____________(fill in the blank). Wanna know yours?

My #SuperCondition of _____________ means I tend to ________________. SCGame

Show me your #SuperConditions and I’ll show you mine.

I got my #SuperConditions Game. Get yours and let’s play together!