The SuperConditions™ Game

Do you have a decision you need to make?

All day long, you are faced with all kinds of decisions.

Small decisions like what to eat for breakfast. Medium decisions like how to complete a project at work. Big decisions like who to marry, how to run your business, how to manage your money, or which city to live in.

Are you good at making decisions? You might think, “Sure I am!” … but look at the track record of your life. Are you, really? If you are good at making decisions, then do you know why you’re good at it?

How many times have you said to yourself, “What was I thinking??” or “Why did I say ‘yes’ to this?” or “Why do I hate this so much, I thought I would love it?” or “Ugh, I feel so resentful” or just “Oops! Not this again.”

The reality is that most people (including myself) are not very good at making decisions. Sometimes we get things “right” but often we don’t. Despite our smartness, we struggle to accurately predict what’s going to feel good and work best for us.

Why does this happen? More importantly, how can we get better at making decisions?

I believe that discovering your SuperConditions–conditions that, once met, allow you to operate at your best, are the keys. Once you understand your SuperConditions, then you can use them to make better decisions and enjoy a life filled with more “Yay! I chose right!” moments and fewer “Ugh, deja BOO!” moments.

I know that, at my worst, my decision-making is rooted in fear, out of (bad) habits, based on other people’s advice or just winging it and hoping for the best. Can you relate? These methods stopped serving me some time ago, and I had to design a better way.

The SuperConditions Game has helped me and hundreds of clients make difficult decisions and feel good about our choices. All of my work with new clients starts with SuperConditions. Join us!

dv_testimonial_kayeputnam“After playing the Game, as compact as it is, I feel incredibly more confident about making the hairy and messy decisions in my life.”

Kaye Putnam, brand strategist, educator, mom and globe-trotter.

The benefits of excellent decision-making are that it helps us:

  1. Identify our true yes and natural no;
  2. Repeat actions that work really well for us;
  3. Prevent misunderstandings;
  4. Recover from things that go wrong for us; and
  5. Understand how to design better ways of working, building businesses and relating well with other people.

Play the SuperConditions Game, get to know yourself better, and learn how to make decisions that you won’t regret in a year… or an hour.

dv_testimonial_levi“SuperConditions is an awesome process that put me on my path. What makes it really unique is that it stimulates my creativity and energy to move forward, try new things and harvest my greatness. I work in my Native American community and we are battling a drug epidemic. SuperConditions has supported me letting my voice be heard in my work. After working with her, I know my be-ingness is not about me, it’s about changing the world. She gives language to our quirks and passions. We all have parts of ourselves that sit in the backseat, when we should let them sit shotgun.”

Levi Standing Light Chapin, Healing Activist


You start with a sticky question. You write it down. You work through a series of exercises that help you get to know yourself better–and maybe admit things about yourself that you’ve never admitted before. By the end of the game, you will have a smart, wise, not-gonna-regret-this-later answer to your sticky question–or at the very least, more information that will raise your confidence and bring you closer to making a decision.

Results may vary. Euphoria not guaranteed. However, you’ve got nothing to lose and, potentially, lots of interesting knowledge about yourself and a great answer to gain.

Go ahead… Get your SuperConditions Game, which includes 40 minutes of audio recordings and a 30-page handout, by choosing one of the links below. Enjoy!

Get your SuperConditions Game ON:

The sliding scale pricing below reflects my SuperCondition of “To Me, From Me, For Us.” That means, I created the Game to solve a problem I have in common with my community (you) and it’s important to me that all of “Us” can have access to the work. My pricing of the Game and your choice of what to pay is based on the honor system. You are the boss of your own integrity. Make your choice accordingly.

All Game options include exactly the same materials: 40 mins of audio recordings and a 29 page workbook. Enjoy!

  1. $0, for you who have already paid to work with me on your SuperConditions in workshops, events and/or one-on-one sessions, or we’ve discussed this pricing option.
  2. $20, for those who are currently unemployed, a veteran, a college student of mine, or you are working for tips or minimum wage. I celebrate your service and invite you to accept this reduced-price invitation.
  3. $40, for everyone who doesn’t identify with or belong to one of the previously mentioned communities.
  4. $40, for those of you who choose to give the gift of better decision-making to a friend, coworker or family member (choose the 3rd option in the pull-down menu below and you’ll see the gift option).

There are no refunds for SuperConditions™ Game purchases. After you complete your game, there are myriad ways to deepen the work, including one-on-one sessions and four-month intensives.

dv_testimonial_christiane“The SuperConditions Game blew my mind! I was surprised how easy it was to articulate what makes me happy and what makes me feel good. I know who I am and Dyana helped me understand the way I roll so I can embrace it and use it to my advantage. One of my SuperConditions is Suit Myself Rules, which means I tend to bend or shape the rules so I can better serve my community. Taking the opportunity to work one-on-one with Dyana after playing the Game has changed my life. She knows how to bring the best out of me by “seeing” me, and she knows how to help me “see” myself.  Dyana shows up to love and she accepts who I am and never tries to change me. We are all honored to have her grace this earth. For real!”

Christiane Bolosan-Yee, founder of Smart Ohana and Magically Rooted


I thank you, in advance, for sharing your SuperConditions stories with the world. You are welcome to:

  1. Interview me about SuperConditions (you receive a complimentary SuperConditions Game Review when you do), or introduce me to your favorite podcast host;
  2. Invite me to speak at your retreat, event or conference;
  3. Play the game and write about it on your website, blog, or other social media outlet. I welcome you tagging me or give me a heads up via e-email at so I can support your SuperConditions process.
  4. Share one of the pre-written updates below, with or without an image that represents your favorite SuperCondition, to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media places you frequent. Feel free to tag me as well (@dyanavalentine everywhere).

Avoid a gut-wrenching sensation around your next big choice. #SuperConditions

Make the world better today, one decision at a time. #SuperConditions

If your #SuperConditions drive your decisions, I’m curious: are yours taking you where you want to go?

The same things that make you awesome can also make you an asshole. SCGame #SuperConditions

Are you confused? Or just unclear what your #SuperConditions are?

Why do you do what you do in the way you do it? It’s not a criticism, it’s a #SuperCondition.

One of my #SuperConditions is ____________(fill in the blank). Wanna know yours?

My #SuperCondition of _____________ means I tend to ________________. SCGame

Show me your #SuperConditions and I’ll show you mine.

I got my #SuperConditions Game. Get yours and let’s play together!

Need more information about SuperConditions? Have a question? Head over to the Resources Page for more ways to explore your SuperConditions™. You may also email me at if you need to.