The Woke Up Knowing™ Think Tank Retreat & Anniversary Party

April 4 – 9, 2012.
Intimate Think Tank for six of you.
Stay for 1 day –
or more.
Show up, wake up + live up to your truth.

All your questions answered and more on this results-on-fire info call.




  • The next three MAJOR decisions in your life were easy to make?
  • You had a way to test your ideas that made sure they were in concert with what you are here to do on the planet?
  • I invited you to a five-day think tank with six other thought leaders to share your best ideas, receive guidance and luxuriate in wine country at the foot of the Blue Mountains?

The time of “What If” is over. Join me April

– 9 to step out of distraction and into discernment.

Listen to an audio clip from Alex Franzen talking straight about what she’s gained from working with me:



You have:

  • A big passion-filled mission which you have no idea how to bring into action;
  • A project that you’ve invested in, but hasn’t gone public in the way you expected; and
  • Purchased programs, digital projects and coaching, and still wake up in the morning wondering if you are on the right track.

You wish:

  • Somebody would just sit down with you for a couple of days to jam on your brilliance;
  • You could have the space to really focus on what matters, in a place with no distractions;
  • You had time and guidance to cultivate the focus, clarity and alignment with your purpose to make an action plan that made your “possible” a reality; and
  • That someone would feed you and be nice to you, so you could just crank out your best work.

You are:

  • A high performer. You get your work done, keep your commitments to others and have been pretty good at most of what you’ve done;
  • A natural leader and have a way of being the person on whom others rely;
  • Ready to make back the money it has cost you to have unfinished business dragging behind you;
  • Brilliant, if you do say so yourself; and
  • IN THE RIGHT PLACE, sugar!

Join me in Walla Walla, Washington on April 4 – 9, 2012 for a think tank gathered around your biggest, most powerful project. The world needs it and the time is NOW. I’ve worked with creative professionals and public figures for 13 years, and I know the benefits of being able to just get quiet enough to hear your own truth and make a plan to live up to that truth.
This is the right place + the right time. Come on up + be real with me.

Your experience includes 1 – 5 days of instigation + attention. After you’ve completed the retreat application, we’ll connect on the phone to decide how many days of immersion work you want – and need. But no matter how long you stay, you’re coming to the wild rumpus anniversary party on April 7th. I pretty much demand it.

The Woke Up Knowing™ Think Tank Retreat is by application only. If you are ready to bring your best ideas to the world, click on the big button below and answer five questions.

Cost: Think Tank fees are $1000 per day. You will receive a $500 credit on your Think Tank when you:

bring or refer a friend OR if you attend three or more days of this retreat.



Click here for frequently asked questions.

“Working with Dyana crystallized and refined the way I prioritize my entire life. Dyana is the antenna for the cosmic information that is available to you.”

— Kate Northrup

“Devoted and direct, Dyana is part seer, part urban priestess, part cheerleader. She’s my secret weapon for deeper creativity and expanded possibilities, and I’m as grateful as can be to have found her.”

— Danielle LaPorte

You Want Results? You Got It.

My clients have reported radical life + business awakenings as a result of working with me. You will create tangible proof of your own greatness. Here are a few results clients attribute directly to their work with me:

  • Six-figure product launches.
  • Bidding wars with top-name publishers.
  • Revamped business models + inconceivable revenue spikes.
  • At-long-last-and-hallelujah staffing restructuring.
  • The indescribable joy of finally articulating their life purpose.
  • Artistry, poetic impulses + (oh yes) psychic powers, reclaimed.
  • Radical paradigm shifts. On every level.

What to Expect

You can expect to leave this think tank with clarity, focus, and your purpose grounded in the ability to make your best informed decisions.

This is an opportunity to come into a productive, inspired, hand-selected group and form a practical action plan to do what you do best.

I commit to provide you:

  • Attention. You will receive highly individualized attention within a small group experience (6 participants, max) as well as one-on-one time with me during the immersion.
  • Bright lights. This is not a spectator sport. Come ready to work, be inspired by what you learn about yourself, and be present for others’ experiences.
  • Hidden truths. Your immersion experience will reflect what is truly up for you — which may surprise you. The most powerful experiences happen in an atmosphere of willingness and curiosity.
  • Confidentiality. We are all grown-ups. By joining this experience, you are agreeing to keep everyone’s stories in the room.
  • Serenity. The immersion will take place in a beautiful eight-bedroom vacation home situated on two gorgeous acres that boast non-stop views of the Blue Mountain Range. You’ll have a private room, and the Pacific Northwest at your feet.
  • Nourishment. You’ll enjoy organic, delicious breakfasts, lunches, and fabulous snacks throughout your immersion.
  • A Party! Yes, indeed, on Saturday, April 7th, we’ll celebrate one year of my Woke Up Knowing™ Experience with dinner and fun.



“Dyana brings together spot-on intuition and no-bullshit coaching – the combination of the two is really powerful.”

— Jodi Lewis

“It’s not traditional coaching, it’s not traditional leadership training: it’s completely off-the-charts. We all long for people to speak into our lives – Dyana is someone that gifts us with context and vision, and then lets us play with it.”

Ronna Detrick

Dyana is someone who can dream bigger with you. She has the ability to listen to business ideas then glean the essence of the project to ensure it is vibrant and dynamic. Dyana absolutely over-delivers when it comes to her programs. I continue to hire her because she makes my best BETTER.

Jodi Womack

“Some people are natural-born geniuses. Some people have a knack for insightful problem-solving. Some people are energetic cheerleaders. Some people have a gift for candor. Dyana Valentine sparkles with all of these qualities – she’s the real deal. Honestly, if I had to be shipwrecked on a desert island, I’d want Dyana with me.”

— Samantha Bennett

“Dyana is able to think deeply about a person and to pinpoint the exact area where growth can take place. Dyana helped me focus on the things in my business that bring in revenue, and since my immersion experience, I’ve noticed that people have been more attracted to me and my business.”

Mike Watts

“It felt like this part of me that had died really came back to life; this hope was there. Dyana was able to see right into what was going on. It’s like having someone read your life in an encapsulated package of light.

— Satya Columbo

Questions? Answer the five questions on the application page and I will call you within 24 hours to discuss any questions you have.

Show up. Wake up. And stay up.

See you in Walla Walla!



The Fine Print
Your attendance days will be coordinated during the application process. In other words, it will be a working retreat with the flexibility for individual arrival and departure time. Think tank retreat fees do not include your travel to Walla Walla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Walla Walla, Washington?

Walla Walla, Washington is situated on the southeast border of Washington and Oregon. It is 4.5 hours driving and 1 hour flying from Seattle, and 4.5 hours driving and 3.5 hours flying from Portland. Travel tip: Alaska Airlines has a sale on Walla Walla flights right now.

What is the schedule for the think tank retreat?

I will be facilitating the think tank experience. However, there is not a strictly timed curriculum for several reasons. I feel it is essential for you to have time to percolate, casually brainstorm and to go deep. I will be instigating your work, rest assured, but I feel that entering into a non-traditional work/play environment will stimulate you to be more open to what is possible. Your retreat schedule will be coordinated during the application process, where you’ll have the flexibility to designate your arrival and departure times. I personally guarantee that you will have one-on-one time with me during your stay and that you will benefit from being in a hand-selected group of fabulous people. I will also be dreaming on your behalf during the retreat, so there is the possibility I will wake you up in the middle of the night to share ideas and radical paradigm shifts.

Do I have to stay in the house for the full day or days of my retreat?

No. You are welcome to come and go as you like. However, I suggest you stay nearby (or reachable) so that if I have something for you or the group, you don’t miss it.

What kind of food will be served?

Organic, local, vegetarian food will be served for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Dinner is on your own (except for Saturday night, which is the Woke Up Knowing™ one-year anniversary party). If you have any allergies or detailed requests, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring any materials you’re working on and would like guidance on. If you work best with a laptop, bring it. Be sure to include comfortable clothes and an open mind.

Will you be conducting a Woke Up Knowing Experience for me as part of the retreat?

Yes, as part of the retreat experience, I’ll be dreaming on your behalf. The Woke Up KnowingExperience is an intuitive leadership process that serves as a compass for you to help find your best work. If you want to know more about the Woke Up Knowing™ Experience, click here.

What is unique about the group experience that I would not receive during one-on-one coaching or an individual Woke Up KnowingTM Experience?

The live immersion experience in a group dynamic raises the bar for your success. Being seen and heard by others inspires action and accountability. The way we listen to ourselves in public is different from what we hear about ourselves in a private dynamic. The public experience fosters – and demands – the truth in a different way. Also, you will have access to some truly great minds. I am hand curating the attendees to ensure maturity, availability and sincerity. I believe that we are more brilliant together.

Questions? Answer the five questions on the application page and I will call you within 24 hours to discuss any questions you have.

Show up. Wake up. And stay up.

See you in Walla Walla!


Thank you.